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Welcome to the NIAZ website

The Netherlands Institute for Accreditation in Healthcare (NIAZ) offers a contribution to the assurance and improvement of the quality of health care, in particular by developing quality standards and by using them in the external evaluation of health care institutions and health care services, resulting in a judgment giving third parties - health care consumers, health care insurers, collaboration partners, government agencies and society in general - assurance that healthcare is being produced in an adequate and safe way.

The 'Z' in NIAZ stands for 'zorginstellingen',  meaning healthcare organisations. All types of healthcare organisations, (e.g. hospitals, mental healthcare institutions, nursing and long term care homes, dialysis centres, physiotherapy practices, GP practices and private clinics) may participate in the NIAZ accreditation program. 

NIAZ has described its mission, vision and values in the Core Document on Mission, Vision and Values. Click here to read the Core document or here to read the corporate brochure.

This website provides information about NIAZ, the various forms of accreditation, the accreditation program, the General Quality Standard for Health Care Organisations and the accreditation procedure. This website also keeps you informed about developments concerning NIAZ and accreditation. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

NIAZ is very interested in your opinion of this website. You can submit your ideas, together with any other questions and remarks, right here.

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